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Newcastle Blocked Drains - Brought To You By Heat Pump Boys

Unblock Your Drains Today! Free Call ⬇


Experience the Relief of Clear Drains with Newcastle Blocked Drains!

Blocked drains can be a major inconvenience, disrupting your daily routine and causing
unnecessary stress. Don't let a blocked drain slow you down! Our team of experienced
plumbers specialises in SAME DAY SERVICE to efficiently and effectively restore the
functionality of your plumbing system.

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Our Blocked Drain Solutions:

Drains Unblocked

From $79

Emergency Services 24/7

Fast and efficient unblocking service at competitive prices.

Comprehensive Drain Analysis

We're here for you around the clock for any drain emergencies.

Preventative Maintenance

Identifying the root cause of blockages for long-term solutions.

5 Signs of a Blocked or Partially Blocked Sewer Drain

Leaking Pipes:

Indicating a downstream blockage or improper joining.


Smelly Pipes

Usually caused by ventilation issues.


Drain Overflowing Outside:

A clear sign of blockage.


Waste Water Slow to Drain:

In sinks, toilets, baths, and showers.


 Bubbling,Sucking Noises

Indicating a full or partial blockage.


15 years of plumbing experience with skilled technicians.

✔ Transparent Pricing: Upfront quotes with no surprises.

✔ Reliable Service: On time, every time, with 24/7 emergency support.

✔ Local Newcastle Team: Proudly serving Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Get Your Drains Flowing Again with Newcastle Blocked Drains!


Get Your Drains Flowing Again with Newcastle Blocked Drains!

Don’t let blocked drains disrupt your life. Contact us today, and let our experienced team
resolve your drainage issues efficiently and professionally. Enjoy hassle-free plumbing and
peace of mind with our 12-month warranty on all cleared drains.

3 Reasons to Choose Newcastle Blocked Drains:

Rapid Response and Same Day Service:

We understand the urgency of blocked drains. Our
commitment to same-day service ensures that your issue is addressed quickly, minimising
disruption to your daily life.


Expertise and Experience:

With over 15 years of experience in plumbing, our skilled team
has the expertise to tackle any blockage effectively, ensuring a thorough and lasting solution.

Plumber at Work

Local Knowledge and Commitment:

As proud Newcastle locals, we bring not just our
technical expertise, but also our in-depth understanding of the local plumbing infrastructure,
ensuring a tailored approach to each job.

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  • How quickly can you respond to a blocked drain emergency?
    We offer rapid response to emergencies with our same-day service commitment. Our team is ready to assist you 24/7 to address your plumbing needs promptly.
  • What sets your services apart from other plumbing services in Newcastle?
    Our combination of local expertise, commitment to rapid response, transparent pricing, and a skilled team with over 15 years of experience sets us apart. We focus on providing reliable, efficient, and customer-centric services.
  • Do you offer any guarantees on your drain clearing services?
    Absolutely. We're confident in our services and offer a 12-month warranty on all the drains we clear, ensuring peace of mind and quality assurance for our customers.

Get In Touch With Us

Fill out the form or contact us to schedule an appointment. We’re excited to serve you
in Newcastle, Port Stephens, and the Hunter Region with top-notch blocked drain solutions.


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